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Cold and Flu

When you wake up sneezing, coughing


Allergies occur when your immune …


Certain conditions and diseases of the …

Skin Diseases

Did you know that your skin …

Minor Injuries

The team at Ring a Doctor can …

Anxiety & Depression

Are you struggling with depression …

Gastric Diseases

Most people suffer from gastrointestinal

& Much More

if symptoms appear for the following …

Doctor On Call

An Innovative Telemedicine Health care solution

An intervention to bring PMC registered, qualified & certified Lady Doctors in mainstream for Maternal & Child Health care System through entrepreneur approach & bridge the gap between Health Care Providers and patients/clients. Innovative use of technology for cost effective online Health Care services. This project aims at Reviving & Mobilizing the Work force of lady doctors all around Pakistan, to resolve & address 70% of major health issues of the population. In the current COVID 19 situation, it is all the more needed to increase the health service delivery points in the areas where community could seek healthcare following the SOPs more efficiently.