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The current ratio of doctor to patient in Pakistan is 1:1300, the doctor to nurse ratio is 1:27, and nurse patient ratio is 1:20. According to WHO doctor to patient ratio should be 1:1000 and doctor nurse ratio 1:4 is appropriate. The non-availability of female doctors on the ground has been an issue for a long time now. Pakistan is already ridden with women and child health issues. While few Lady Doctors after completing their MBBS degree practice at the hospital level, many do not practice their profession due to family pressure of getting married and raising kids.
Henceforth a huge number of good quality resources are going unused, while we are experiencing a shortage of 70,000 lady doctors in the country. Doctor On Call is a technological telehealth solution initiative by the HANDS, which will provide MCH Services through Lady doctors who cannot go out to work but want to help the community. The project was designed to cover a population of more than 5 million.

Why Us?

  • We offer affordable, convenient and competent Healthcare.
  • DOC On Call is cheaper then your average clinical visits.
  • We save time, no waiting room, no road travel.
  • We offer PMDC registered qualified medical services.
  • DOC On CALL comes with appointment booking, online consultations, EMR,  and online prescriptions.

Mission & Objectives

Our Mission is to Mobilize the workforce of lady doctors all around Pakistan, to address & resolve 70% of major health issues of the population.

Doctor On Call is a comprehensive solution that empowers women to access and use digital technology to drive positive health, education, and livelihood outcomes for themselves and their families. We will be creating thousands of home-based qualified/certified lady doctors, running their own commercially viable operations using an android or IOS based application from their home.


  • Overall contribute to the sustainable development goal of “Good Health and Well-being”
  • Encourage lady doctors who are currently not in practice, to provide Telehealth medical service and bridge the gap between Health Care Providers and patients/clients.
  • To promote a project with entrepreneur approach in health care system addressing sustainability
  • To take Doctor On Call Pakistan and on an international level.

Technology Partner